Rent a garage

Garage licence terms and conditions

  1. The licence is a weekly licence and the charge is due weekly. 
  2. The rent is due in advance on Monday each week. If you wish to pay at less frequent intervals you must ensure that payments are made wholly in advance. 
  3. Payment must be made by Direct Debit. Failure to maintain payments by Direct Debit will result in the licence being terminated.
  4. You are the licensee of the garage and you must not allow anyone else to share your occupation of the garage or to take over occupation of the garage from you. 
  5. The garage can only be used for the garaging of a private motor vehicle. The garage is not designed for the storage of personal effects or furniture and should not be used for this purpose.
  6. The Council is not insured to cover your car. You are responsible for insuring your vehicle and any other item contained in the garage.
  7. The Council does not accept responsibility for any damage, deterioration, loss or theft of your vehicle or any other item contained in the garage. 
  8. You shall not use the garage for the purposes of trade or business.
  9. Petrol, oil or any other combustible material must not be kept in the garage. 
  10. You must keep the garage and area around or in front of it clean and tidy. 
  11. You must not park your car in front of your garage as this can cause obstruction to other garage users.
  12. You must not do or permit to be done anything in or about the garage which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Council or anyone in the neighbourhood. 
  13. You must not make any alterations or additions to the garage without the written consent of the Council. 
  14. Access to the garage may be needed by any Council officer, the Council's contractors or authorised representatives for the purpose of inspection and/or maintenance. We will give you reasonable written notice for non-urgent matters. If you do not respond or do not make another arrangement for access, the Council will use alternative methods to gain access if required. In emergencies we will try to make contact with you but if we are unable to we may need to access the garage without notice.
  15. You must tell the Council as soon as possible if any repair to the garage is required.
  16. You may terminate the licence by giving the Council seven days notice to expire on a Sunday. The notice must be in writing and delivered to Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2AH. 
  17. When you return the garage keys to us, you must ensure you obtain a key receipt as proof of the return; the Council will continue to charge rent until it is receipt of the keys. It is strongly urged that keys are returned in person to the Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone and not by any other means. 
  18. You must make sure you have cleared the garage prior to returning the keys to the Council. If you do not. we will re-charge you for the cost of clearing the garage. 
  19. The Council may terminate the licence by giving you seven days notice in writing, to expire on a Sunday, and it will be delivered by recorded delivery to your home or last known address. 
  20. The licence can be terminated by the Council for any non-compliance with the conditions of licence. On termination of the licence we will change the locks and you will be charged for the cost of this work.
  21. At the end of the licence, any contents you leave in the garage will be deemed to be abandoned and will be disposed of by the Council. 
  22. The Council reserves the right to vary the Conditions of Licence and the rent to be charged at any time upon giving notice to the licensee.

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