Pet policy

Policy changes


Tenants made the following suggestions which have been included into the Pet Policy.

Requesting permission

When seeking approval to keep a pet, the resident must sign a contract that commits them be a responsible owner. For dog owners, this means ensuring their pet received exercise and training. They must also identify arrangements should they be unable to keep their pet due to ill health, etc.

Independent Retirement Living

In Independent Retirement Living Schemes, the manager should consider the individuals circumstances, if the resident lives in our older persons accommodation, but typically we will only allow assistance and sensory dogs and house cats.

Specification for keeping a dog

We will conduct an annual check of all arrangements to keep dogs where permission have been granted to ensure that the tenant continues their commitment as a responsible owner.

Temporary accommodation

Pets are not allowed in our temporary accommodation, but we recognise the emotional impact this can have on people. We are investigating financial support to house a pet while in temporary accommodation