Pet policy

Pet policy consultation

Dog with lead

We had 108 responses to our Pet Policy consultation, our highest response rate yet!

The Pet Policy has now been approved by the Housing Committee, and is now in action. We incorporated tenants feedback from the consultation and Pets in the Park day.

Your feedback

There was strong support from residents for a pet policy that ensures responsible pet ownership, including assessing whether a tenant would be able to keep pet including:

  • History of pet ownership
  • Financial ability
  • Type and size of property
  • Arrangements should a tenant be a work

Temporary Accommodation

The proposed approach within the policy to supporting tenants needing temporary accommodation with pets to house them elsewhere temporarily was also supported by the consultees – 60% were in favour.

Focus Group results

Participants emphasized that the Council needs to be clear that tenants need permission for pets and that the individuals’ personal circumstance need to be considered. Questions were also raised on policing the Pet Policy.

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