Financial Wellbeing Strategy

What difference will it make?

Less tenancies will fail

Runnymede Borough Council hopes that by giving tenants additional support and direction to become financially secure, fewer tenancies will as their disposable income increases and become more aware of their tenancy conditions and commitments.

Accustomed support

We will be able to offer an enhanced service to tenants experiencing financial hardship, which will be customised to the tenants needs and reasoning for their individual financial situation.

When a tenant needs support – with either managing their money and rent commitments or for any other reason - they will be offered a bespoke support planning arrangement. The tenant will be clear on what support they are being offered and what actions they need to take for this plan to be a success. This should ensure that all the right agencies are involved.

Less demand for housing

Younger residents will have a clear explanation as to their future Housing Options and can plan earlier to ensure that they can live in their preferred property tenure – be that homeowner, privately renting, or shared ownership. This could mean a lower demand for council owned properties in the future.