Financial Wellbeing Strategy

Purpose and aims

We want to support tenants more effectively by dedicating resources and services to them. Therefore, we are putting in place a plan to

Prepare tenants to manage their new home by

  • Providing support for tenants who are saving for and setting up a new home
  • Educating young people to understand their housing options, which will allow them to plan for their preferred option earlier (homeowner, private renter, shared ownership)

Support tenants to grow their income in the longer term through education and employment by

  • Providing training to tenants on using the internet so they are able to use it for job opportunities, online banking, Government services, shop online, and connect with loved ones
  • Supporting and promoting training and educational opportunities which could improve tenants earning opportunities
  • Providing ‘support offers’ for tenants which clearly indicate what this support will be and benefits of such support

Maximising our tenant’s disposable income by

  • Helping tenants reduce utility costs
  • Ensuring tenants are using their heating system as efficiently as possible
  • Educating tenants with food preparation and nutrition to improve health and reduce food costs
  • Promoting a savings culture
  • And highlighting the importance of being insured and point tenants towards affordable products