Why was my bin not collected?

Our bin collection crews report on their system the reason why they were unable to collect a bin.  Listed below are the most common reasons why bins are missed and also what you need to do next if your bin has been missed. 

If you need to report a missed bin collection use our online form below

Report a missed bin collection

Road or entrance is blocked by vehicles or an obstruction such as road works and we cannot get to your bin. In this case the collections will be rescheduled.

Leave your bin out and we will return within 48 hours.

The bin was behind a locked gate or blocked by a vehicle or other obstruction.

Ensure your bin is accessible on your next scheduled collection day. If you have excess waste it can be taken to the local recycling centre.  

Find your nearest recycling centre 

The bin was reported as not presented at the time of collection.

Ensure your bin is clearly numbered and presented at the boundary of your property (near the Highway or vehicle access point) by 6:00am on your next scheduled collection day.

There are items that cannot be placed in any of your bins including construction, DIY and hazardous waste. 

If your recycling / garden / food bin is reported as contaminated it contained non-recyclable items. 

Use the search tool to find out what to do with an item.

Recycling search tool

The waste in the bin is jammed or frozen and the crew were unable to empty your bin.

Loosen the waste and put your bin out on your next scheduled collection day.

The collection crew reported that the wrong bin was out for collection for example a general waste bin out on recycling week.

Place the correct bin out on the next scheduled day. Check waste collection calendar. 

Check your next bin collection date 

Sacks and waste left around your general waste bin are classed as excess waste and will not be collected.

Place the waste in your bin for your next scheduled collection day or take it to one of the local recycling centres. 

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For health and safety reasons the bin must be easily and safely manoeuvrable by one person. A bin can become too heavy when waste gets wet, overly compacted or contains heavier items or a large amount of food. 

Remove the items making your bin too heavy and we will collect on the next scheduled collection day. Take care not to overload you bin.

Our collection crew found your bin was too damaged to be safely moved or lifted. The bin will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

Bag your household waste until your new bin is repaired or replaced. 

You can take your waste to one of the local recycling centres until we investigate the issue with your bin. 

Recycling centres near me

Get in touch about recycling and waste

The quickest way to contact us is by using our online forms which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to speak to us give us a call during office hours and talk to our Customer Services team who will be happy to help.