What you need to do

The Council will determine whether the development proposed is liable for CIL and if so, calculate the amount of CIL that is liable based on the information submitted on the CIL Additional Information Form (Form 1) or in the case of permitted development/prior approval/Lawful Development Certificates (LDC) for a proposed use the information on the Notice of Chargeable Development Form (Form 5).

Before development commences the following forms must be submitted to the Council prior to commencement of development

On receipt of the Assumption of Liability Notice the Council will acknowledge receipt and issue a Liability Notice where permission has been granted. The Liability Notice states how much CIL is payable and when, including if paying by instalments. Where no one has assumed liability to pay CIL and the Council is aware that the development has started, the liability will default to the owner(s) of any material interest in the land. Where it is one person, they are responsible for payments. Where it is more than one person, the Council will apportion liability.

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On receipt of the Commencement Notice the Council will acknowledge receipt and issue a Demand Notice for the CIL payment, setting out the payment due dates in line with the Council's Instalments Policy if applicable and how to pay.

On commencement of development you should follow the correct payment procedure. The Council will issue a receipt for each payment received.

WARNING: If no one has assumed liability to pay the CIL charge or a Commencement Notice has not been received by the Council prior to development commencing, the CIL charge will be payable in full rather than by instalments. The Council may also apply surcharges and/or take enforcement action for failure to submit the correct forms prior to commencement of development.

Further guidance on CIL can be found on the Planning Portal webpages or GOV UK

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