CIL charges

What this means

Only development proposing residential and/or offices (Class E(g)(i) where net additional floorspace is 100 square metres (sqm) or more or proposes 1 or more dwellings is affected by the CIL charge. All other development will not be liable for CIL in Runnymede.

Any planning application for residential/office development of 100sqm or more or which proposes 1 or more dwellings and which remains undetermined or is registered on or after 1 March 2021 will be liable for the CIL charge subject to the exemptions/reliefs set out in the CIL Regulations.

As such, Applications for residential and/or office developments should now be accompanied by a CIL Additional Information form which is available on the Planning Portal website (form 1). It would also be beneficial for applicants to submit an 'Assumption of Liability' form (form 2) at this stage. It should be noted that if no liability  has been assumed prior to commencement of development, the council will apportion liability themselves and the full amount of CIL liable will be payable. The Council may also add surcharges to the total CIL liability.

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