Fleeing violence

If you are temporarily leaving your home because you are afraid of violence, we can pay Housing Benefit on two homes to help you through the difficult time.

If you fear violence outside your home, we can only pay Housing Benefit on two homes if you fear a former member of your family, such as an ex-partner or adult children.

We can temporarily pay Housing Benefit on two homes if you fear violence inside your home regardless of who you fear.

If you have left your home and have no intention of returning, we can only pay Housing Benefit on two homes for a maximum of four weeks.

We may be able to pay Housing Benefit on two homes for up to 52 weeks if the following criteria are met:

  • you have left the home and remain absent because you fear violence could happen to you or your family whilst in the home, or you fear violence outside the home from a person who was formerly a member of your family
  • you intend to return to your home
  • you are liable for rent at your previous home and the new current property
  • we decide it is reasonable to meet the rent on both homes
  • the threat of violence has not been brought on by your own actions, for example through criminal activity.

Get in touch about benefits

The quickest way to contact us is by using our online forms which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to speak to us give us a call during office hours and talk to our benefits team who will be happy to help.