Report noise, smoke and statutory nuisances

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Use this form to report nuisance (such as excessive noise, smoke and other statutory nuisances*)

To complete this form you will need

  • your contact details
  • details of your question or enquiry

The Council take your privacy seriously.

We hold and process all personal information in line with data protection legislation.

You can find out how we manage and process your data in our privacy policy


Where the noise is coming from a council managed property your report will be passed to our Housing Department.

Before reporting please see be sure that:

  • You live in the Runnymede Borough Council area (if you live in another borough, and are affected by activities in Runnymede, you will need to contact the local council who collect council tax in the area you live)
  • You know, and can identify, where the nuisance is coming from
  • You are willing to provide your name and address (we are unable to consider anonymous complaints)
  • The problem affects you in your home
  • The problem comes from another premises or from a stationary vehicle or item of plant or equipment in the street (for example we cannot act on noise from people in the street, or road traffic noise in general)
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