Draft Balcony Safety Policy

Runnymede Council wants to ensure that balconues are safe and avoid fire risks.

What do we expect from Tenants?

We ask tenants to:

  • Check the surfaces, flooring, glass and railings of their balcony, to make sure they are not in need of repair
  • Keep decking clean, and remove algae or dead leaves
  • If the balcony is a fire escape, then no items can be stores here.

We ask tenants to not:

  • Store items on their balcony, but fire-resistant tables and chairs are fine.
  • Clean the outer face of their balcony by reaching over
  • Fix additional timber or combustible screening or flooring on the balcony (includes artificial grass or similar)
  • Fix anything to the external elements of the building/balcony
  • Force anything in-between or connect anything to the railings
  • Use the balcony as a barbeque area or use any other appliance that emits a naked flame or intense heat
  • Allow pets to foul on the balcony.