Review by the Regulator of Social Housing

As a social housing provider, Runnymede Borough Council must ensure it complies with the requirements of the Regulator of Social Housing.

During an investigation this summer into the Council's procedures and processes used to meet the Home Standard, the regulator tested how the Council met expectations relating to a range of issues, and has confirmed our compliance in respect of: 

  • Gas safety and compliance
  • Asbestos management
  • Lift safety and servicing
  • Water hygiene and safety

However, the regulator also found that in some homes we failed to meet the necessary regulations regarding:

  • Electrical certification, and
  • Fire risk assessments work management

In addition, we have been unable to provide sufficient information in some other areas. This has led to the regulator concluding Runnymede Borough Council breached the standard and, as a consequence, there was a potential for serious detriment to Runnymede Borough Council tenants.

Read the full report from the Regulator of Social Housing

We accept these findings and apologise sincerely to our tenants who are affected for failing in our duty to adhere to all aspects of the Home Standard.

Throughout the weeks and months ahead we will continue to fix the issues identified to achieve full Home Standard compliance, and also to rebuild the trust tenants place in us as their landlord.
Chris Stratford, Interim Director of Housing, and Cllr Jacqui Gracey, Chair of the Council's Housing Committee, explain that our priority is tenants' safety, and ensuring the Council complies fully with the regulator's requirements.