Petitions and e-petitions

Please note that the normal facility to create and sign an e-petition is currently suspended and some of the steps below no longer apply.  If you wish to create or sign an e-petition please contact for more information.

Find out everything you need to know about submitting a petition to the Council.

Is my petition suitable?

You may want to discuss your issue with your local Councillor before raising a petition. They may be able to help you or explain how to make representations on a particular subject to the right person at the Council.

Why create a petition?

Petitions offer you the opportunity of bringing issues to the Council's attention, so that we can consider your requests and, where appropriate and possible, bring about change for the better for the people of Runnymede.

How many signatures do I need?

Generally, petitions will each be treated on their merits - as a guide

  • debate at Council - 1,500 signatures
  • senior member of staff to give evidence at the Overview and Scrutiny Select Committee - 750 signatures
  • to be considered formally - 50 signatures
  • to be treated as normal correspondence - less than 50 signatures