Moved house or changed name

You must remember to update your details on the Electoral Register when you change your name or address. You can do this on GOV.UK using the link below

Register to vote 

Registering to pay Council Tax does not mean you have also registered to vote at your new address.

I have already let my local council know I've moved and I am paying Council Tax at my new address. Can they update the electoral register for me?
No. The Council Tax register and the electoral register are two separate registers. The Electoral Registration Officer is not permitted to take names from the Council Tax register and put them on the electoral register and vice versa.

I have married and changed my name, and my name is wrong on the register - can I still vote and can you change it?
You can still vote, because the question to the elector at polling stations is "are you the person on the register shown as ...". You need to advise Electoral Services of the change in writing, as your signature is required. Your amended details will be included on the monthly update of the electoral register.

I have recently moved house and received two sets of poll cards, one for my new address and one for my old address, what should I do?
If you have not informed us of your previous address you could be registered twice. Please return your poll card showing your old address to the Electoral Services office as soon as possible with correspondence advising of your move and new address. Please note it is an offence to vote twice in the same election.

Someone is registered at my address who does not live here any more - can you take them off?
Electors can be removed in any one of the following ways: as a result of the autumn canvass returns; when we are advised by another local authority that the person has been registered by them; or if the elector advises us in writing that they have left the area and wish to be removed from the register.

A relative has died, can you take them off the register?
A relative or executor should inform Electoral Services in writing of the death of an elector. Their name will then be removed from the register.

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