Supplementary Planning documents and other guidance

Other planning policy guidance documents

First homes interim policy statement

This Interim Policy Statement sets out Runnymede Council’s requirements for First Homes, which should be included on sites that provide affordable housing in the Borough. This statement will be implemented on 26 January 2022

PDF icon First homes interim policy statement - January 2022

Affordable housing SPD consultation

  • Affordable Housing SPD Consultation - closed Tuesday 25 January 2022

The documents listed below were previously adopted as supplementary planning guidance to support the now superseded Runnymede Borough Council Local Plan 2001 (second alteration).

As noted on page 1 in this section, the Council is currently producing a range of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) to support the newly adopted Runnymede 2030 Local Plan, and these will replace the existing guidance documents on this page.

Until replacement SPDs have been adopted, the guidance contained in the below documents are still capable of being some weight in the decision making process but the amount of weight will depend on the level of consistency with the Runnymede 2030 Local Plan and the NPPF. 

PDF icon Addlestone Town Centre Strategy Supplementary Planning Guidance

PDF icon Residential Extensions and Replacement Dwellings in the Green Belt Supplementary Planning Guidance (2004)

PDF icon Trees, Woodland and Hedgerows Supplementary Planning Guidance (2003)

Surrey County Council Vehicle, Cycle and Electric Vehicle Parking Guidance for New Development (November 2021)

Surrey County Council (SCC), as Highway Authority has produced guidance on appropriate Vehicle, Cycle and Electric Vehicle Parking standards, and other related matters.

The guidance is intended to provide a framework within which local people and their respective councils can produce their own distinctive approaches, reflecting the needs and priorities of their areas. The guidance is intended to be flexible and used as considered appropriate by the 12 LPAs across Surrey. This is to ensure that parking requirements can be completely tailored by the LPA to suit the unique circumstances of any given development proposal in accordance with its location.

Runnymede Borough Council will consider the contents of this guidance in the update of its own Parking Guidance Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Work on the production of this updated SPD is underway at the time of writing (in June 2022).

PDF icon November 2021 Vehicular, cycle and electric vehicle parking guidance for new development