Holding events in our parks

Hire a park for your event

Runnymede Pleasure grounds river and open green space

If you would like to hold an event in one of our parks you need to get permission from Runnymede Borough Council.

We need as much notice as possible of your intention to hold an event. For larger events and those that may require road closures, we need at least four months' notice. Short notice may mean we are unable to process your application in time.

Complete the application form online in full, even if you have previously held a similar event. We are unable to accept comments such as “please refer to previous bookings”.

The application form does not give you permission to run an event. It helps us determine whether the Council can give permission to hire the land, the minimum level of indemnity of Public Liability Insurance you will need and the conditions of use we may attach.

Read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you are aware of all of the Council’s requirements relating to booking one of our open spaces.

Apply to hold an event in a park

PDF icon to indicate a PDF file Terms and conditions

Note: There will be a hiring charge for use of Council land. Check our published fees and charges


Be aware that your organisation (and possibly individual members) will be responsible for making sure the event is fully insured.

Event organisers are required to hold a policy of insurance in respect of Public liability (including Products liability where appropriate) that must be valid for the whole period of the hire/event. The minimum limit of indemnity required is £5,000,000 (five million pounds) but the Council reserves the right to require a higher limit of indemnity if deemed necessary. For example, for events that include fire work displays, the minimum limit of indemnity required is £10,000,000 (ten million pounds). This is not negotiable and will not be waived.

Organisers will be required to produce satisfactory documentary evidence of their public liability insurance cover together with that of any third-party person or organisation whom they have instructed/authorised to appear at the event (for example funfair, stallholder, performer, contractor etc.) in advance of the event. Satisfactory evidence of public liability insurance (and Employer’s Liability insurance, where legally required) must be provided no later than 12 weeks before the start of the hiring period. Failure to provide satisfactory evidence of insurance may result in withdrawal of permission to hire the land.

Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

You may require a TEN if your event includes any of the following

  • selling or serving alcohol
  • providing entertainment, such as music, dancing or indoor sporting events
  • serving hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am
  • other similar licensable activities

If you event requires a TEN, you must apply for the TEN no later than ten working days before the day the event is due to take place. More information about TENs and how to apply is on our temporary event notice (TEN) page.

Litter and refuse

Runnymede Borough Council can arrange provision of refuse sacks, hire of bins & waste/recycling collection for you. Charges will apply.

Email events@runnymede.gov.uk to order sacks, bins or collection at least four weeks before the required date.

The Hirer/event organiser should ensure that the site is regularly litter-picked during the event and at the end of each day. If the event organiser fails to do this, the Council reserves the right to carry out the works in default and recharge the event organiser the cost incurred.

It is the Hirer/event organiser’s responsibility to arrange removal of all rubbish from the site. You will not be permitted to use any Council skip/litter bin etc for disposal unless you order AND pay for this in advance.

Vehicles and parking

You cannot charge the public for parking on our private land, as to do so would require you having to register with the British Parking Association, publicise the charges and how you will enforce non-compliance, amongst other things.

There are parking charges at Runnymede Pleasure Grounds and these cannot be waived for your event.