Pest control

The Council no longer offers a pest control service as it is the responsibility of property owners/occupiers to keep their land free of rats and mice.

If you have a problem with pests at your property you may be interested in various online advice guides available from the British Pest Control Association which provide self-help advice.

If self-help is not a feasible option, then you may like to call in a pest control contractor.  Both the BCPA and National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) have a list of members which you can search to find contact details of a contractor in your area. 

When looking for a pest control contractor

  • get at least three quotations
  • find out if there is a call out fee or fixed charge
  • find out what service will be provided and guarantee
  • ensure they have insurance cover
  • check their qualifications
  • consider personal recommendations from friends, neighbours or colleagues

Where the owner or occupier does not deal with a rodent infestation on their premises the Council's Environmental Health Officers may take enforcement action against them to ensure that their land and property is not infested with rats and mice.