Consultations open for the River Thames Scheme

Map of the river thames scheme
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The land surrounding the River Thames between Egham and Teddington is one of the largest areas of undefended, developed floodplain in England.

In the past, the area has suffered serious floods. With climate change, the risk of flooding is only going to grow.

Runnymede Borough Council is working in partnership with the Environment Agency and other local authorities to deliver the River Thames Scheme - a flood alleviation and management scheme in the area affected by flooding from the Thames.

This video explains how the River Thames Scheme will work, by introducing two new river channels to contain flood water, improving existing river structures, and creating new recreation areas for communities, and habitats for wildlife.

The River Thames Scheme is a huge project, DEFRA’s biggest national infrastructure project. To ensure everyone benefits as much as possible from the scheme, there are many potential proposals for environmental, wetland and biodiversity sites to be put in place during the flood alleviation works. 

It is important that residents get the chance to feed into the potential options for the landscaping of the scheme.

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There are several consultations open around Runnymede and surrounding areas over the next few weeks. You can join between 1pm-7pm at the Easter Centre in Egham on Tuesday 22 November, and at between 1pm-7pm at St Peter’s Church, Chertsey on Wednesday 7 December 2022.

You can find a full list of in-person and online events on the River Thames Scheme website

Find out more by visiting the website

Published: 16 November 2022