Innovative four-person political leadership for Runnymede

Inside the Civic Centre

Runnymede Borough Council now has a new political administration called the Runnymede Council Alliance, which has four Co-Leaders.

The innovative arrangement, believed to be the first of its kind in England, was created directly between the councillors themselves after no single party held the majority following elections in early May.

Members from the Runnymede Independent Residents Group and Englefield Green Independents, Labour and Co-Operative Group, Green Party, and Liberal Democrat Party agreed to form the Runnymede Council Alliance political group which together created a majority of 25 seats out of the 41 seats on the Council.

Following the council’s Annual Meeting on Wednesday 15 May the four Co-Leaders of the Council representing the Runnymede Council Alliance are:

  • Cllr Linda Gillham (Leader of Independent Residents Group and Englefield Green Independents)
  • Cllr Robert King (Leader of Labour and Co-Operative Group)
  • Cllr Steve Ringham (Leader of Green Party)
  • Cllr Don Whyte (Leader of Liberal Democrat Party)

Co-Leaders From left to right: Cllr Gillham, Cllr Ringham, Cllr King and Cllr Whyte

The Co-Leaders of Runnymede Borough Council said:

Our agreement to work together recognises the need for pragmatic and sensible Leadership at a time of great importance for the authority. Our residents have a right to expect co-operation and unity in how their Council is run, particularly at times of greater financial pressures for Councils and demand for services.


By building on our political heritages and sharing the policy making democratically between us, we believe we can give both strong leadership and a decision-making process that is more transparent and welcomes public scrutiny, and which our residents will better understand and relate to.

The decision to form the single majority political group means that the Conservative Party and other independent councillors will now form the Council’s opposition.

View the political make up of the Council following the elections

Published: 22 May 2024