Runnymede’s share of Council Tax bills announced

Residents will be asked to pay just £5.53 more per year for all the services which Runnymede Borough Council provides when Council Tax bills are sent out to homes this month.

From April this year for the average Band D home, our share of the bill will rise from £184.92 to £190.45 (before any discounts or exemptions are applied). On top of this payment, households will be expected to pay the amount needed by Surrey County Council and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Residents in Runnymede will still pay the lowest Council Tax overall in Surrey.

Cllr Tom Gracey, Leader of the Council, said:

“Runnymede Borough Council is one of the most financially stable councils not only within the south east of England but across the country as a whole.

Our part of the Council Tax bill will increase by 2.99 per cent or roughly £5.53 for the year for a Band D house. That works out at just over 10 pence per week.” 

Watch Cllr Gracey explain the year ahead.


Among the services which we provide are:

  • Collecting your bins
  • Processing planning applications
  • Running and maintaining parks, allotments, cemeteries and open spaces
  • Operating Chertsey Museum.
  • Supporting people through our meals at home, community transport, social centres and community alarms.
  • Providing an environmental health service
  • Arranging community and sports activities
  • Supporting businesses and improving town centres

New bills take effect from April and although we send them out and collect the money, only around nine per cent of it stays with us.

We have to pass around 77 per cent of your bill to Surrey County Council and about 14 per cent of what you pay to Surrey Police.

While bills increase slightly every year that’s because all three organisations have to ask for a little more from residents to keep up with rising costs or to fund new initiatives.

We have multiple sources of income which help fund the work we do. The income we receive from your Council Tax, actually makes up less than seven per cent of our total income.

If you struggle to pay your Council Tax bill, please get in touch with us, we have support schemes which may be available to help you. Even if you have not had trouble paying in the past, you might be able to get help now.


Call 01932 838383

View the minutes from the meeting here.

Published: 13 February 2024