Car park fee increase

Parking bay

The Council is making changes to the costs of using its car parks – we’re reluctant to increase prices wherever they can be held down, but we have frozen prices for four years.

  • The cost of parking in our Council car parks will be rising by 20 pence per hour for town parking, and 10 pence per hour for out-of-town parking*.
  • Permit prices will be increased – the most expensive resident’s permit will increase by £30 per year.
  • Sunday parking charges will be introduced at the majority of car parks, at the same rate as Monday-Saturday.

These changes will take effect from 1 April 2024.

A Council spokesperson said:

“Whilst the Council regrets having to put up charges, we cannot freeze parking fees indefinitely as the costs of running car parks has risen.


“Parking fees across both public car parks and parking permits have not been increased since January 2019. During that time inflation has risen by 21.7% meaning that the Council’s direct costs to maintain the car parks have increased by £71,000 with no additional income to offset them.”

As part of these changes, the free period for Homewood Park will be reduced from three hours to 90 minutes. Charges will be reintroduced at Pooley Green, which previously had a 60-minute free period.

It is important that the car parks can remain self-financing – funded by the drivers who use them, and not split among all driving and non-driving tax payers in the Borough. The income generated from the car parks is used to cover the costs of car park maintenance and investment only, and will fund the introduction of ANPR cameras, new barriers, and upgraded pay and display machines.

The cost of parking in Runnymede is still among the lowest in Surrey across our in-town, out-of-town, and long-stay parking options.

*The out-of-town car carparks are Victoria Street and St Jude’s Road car parks in Englefield Green, Pooley Green Car Park and Gogmore Farm Car Park in Chertsey.

Published: 23 November 2023