New additions to thriving AddlestoneOne

A man and a woman playing panna
Playing Panna in the dedicated arena

Positioning itself as the world’s first hybrid football arena, KickX will shortly be opening its doors in Addlestone, bringing a brand-new sporting experience to Surrey.

The team at KickX has spent the past three months fitting out an extensive multi-floor venue at AddlestoneOne, Runnymede Borough Council’s regeneration project that has brought new homes and businesses to the south of the Borough.

Council Leader, Cllr Tom Gracey said:

“I am delighted to welcome KickX to Addlestone. Residents have told us that they want new, exciting destination retail and leisure in AddlestoneOne. A huge amount of work has gone into securing a number of high quality leisure offerings for locals and visitors alike.


With its innovative and exciting approach, KickX will be a game changer for Addlestone which is already attracting interest from near and far.”

KickX will inspire football enthusiasts of all ages to test their skills and experience the thrill of fast, fun, and easy-to-learn games.

It offers five different activities across 11 indoor courts, including Padbol, Jorkyball, Teqball, Panna, and KickX VR. This unique concept is expected to draw in football enthusiasts from across the south east bringing new attention, investment, and attractions to Addlestone.

Cllr Gracey added:

“Taken together with The Light Cinema, Smith and Western and Nando’s this venture demonstrates again the success of our commitment to regeneration and supporting economic growth in our towns. It reflects our dedication to strengthening our communities, fostering economic development, and promoting the health and well-being of our residents.”

Vik Sharma, Co-founder of KickX gave further support for promoting the health and wellbeing of Runnymede residents as he said:

“It’s time for a fresh approach to how we tackle the UK’s physical health crisis. 


“At KickX, we believe making the world’s most popular sport even more accessible and inclusive using exciting micro-sided formats of the game will increase participation and get more people moving.”

Cllr Myles Willingale, Deputy Council Leader added:

“This dynamic blend of homes, businesses, and leisure offerings at AddlestoneOnehas created a vibrant atmosphere that is attracting both residents and visitors to our town.


“We are proud of the bold decision to build AddlestoneOne and are pleased to see the project's success unfold over time. It serves as a testament to our investment in the future of our region and our unwavering support for our residents' diverse needs.”

AddlestoneOne opened in 2018 to give people more choice and boost the local economy, has been becoming increasingly popular as a destination for businesses. AddlestoneOne encompasses not only the thriving shopping centre but also 214 residential apartments, the majority of which have been successfully sold or rented.

In addition to KickX, a new branch of the popular gaming café Geek Retreat will be opening around the same time, offering a location for board games, card games, RPGs and more, as well as society meetups and events.

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Published: 14 July 2023