Runnymede in No Overall Control

Council Chamber

Following the local elections on the 4 May 2023, Runnymede is in No Overall Control as no one party achieved the required majority of 21 councillors as we have 41 councillors in total.

The new political make up of Runnymede Borough Council is:

  • Conservative have 20 councillors
  • Runnymede Independent Residents’ Group/Englefield Green Independents have 8 councillors
  • Labour, Co-operative and Green Party Group have 6 councillors
  • Liberal Democrats have 4 councillors
  • Independent Group have 3 councillors

Following the Full Council meeting on the 17 May we are pleased to announce:

  • Cllr Shannon Saise-Marshall was elected as Mayor of Runnymede
  • Cllr Robert Bromley was elected as Deputy Mayor of Runnymede
  • Cllr Tom Gracey was returned as Leader of the Council

We would like to welcome new councillors to Runnymede:

  • Cllr Michael Cressey (Ottershaw)
  • Cllr Trevor Gates (Englefield Green East)
  • Cllr Eliza Kettle (Englefield Green West)
  • Cllr Jaz Mavi (Chertsey Riverside)
  • Cllr Manu Singh (Addlestone North)
  • Cllr Mike Smith (New Haw)

We also want to thank all councillors who stood down, or lost their seat, for their service and time given to Runnymede:

  • Cllr Jim Broadhead (Addlestone North)
  • Cllr Derek Cotty (Chertsey Riverside)
  • Cllr Jacqui Gracey (New Haw)
  • Cllr Marisa Heath (Englefield Green East)
  • Cllr Nigel King (Englefield Green West)

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Published: 19 May 2023