Addlestone One cladding update

Picture of scaffolding on the Addlestone One buildings

We are aware that there has been speculation in the press that work has stopped on the Addlestone One cladding project due to safety concerns.

We want to reassure residents that the project remains on track and that there is no indication whatsoever that any structural integrity or deficient structural design problem exists.

In the initial stages of this contract some minor anomalies were discovered relating to the timbers that support the cladding being in varying sizes rather than of a uniform dimension. Engineers are now in the process of designing and modifying the support framing to suit these variances, outwardly there will be no discernible difference. In addition, some vertical metal channels are going to be introduced to the external wall to ensure the new cladding system is safe and fully compliant.

The project is being fully funded by the Council and work continues on site and there is no expectation that the overall program will require an extension.

Published: 1 March 2023