Photographs taken for publicity

How we use photos for publicity

As part of our work to explain how we deliver services in the community and spend public money, the Council sometimes asks residents, businesses or other people to be photographed or filmed so we can use the images or footage to show what we do. These pictures can be used on our website, on our social media channels or in our printed publications.

  • Before we use a picture, we always ask permission of the people who are prominent in it.
  • We record your permission by taking your contact details and keeping register of permissions.
  • If you are the subject of a photo, you can ask us to delete the image from our collection. Once a picture has been used in a social media post or printed publication, it cannot be removed although we would not use it again in future.
  • Very occasionally we share pictures with third party organisations. Primarily this is other public sector bodies or the news media.