Filming in Runnymede

In Runnymede, we welcome all types of filming, (including news) taking place in the Borough which shows Runnymede in a positive light. 

If you wish to film on Council land or property you will require permission prior to filming.

For news and sport filming, no fee is charged and your request will be handled promptly by the Communications team.

For all other forms of filming, after the request is submitted you will be contacted by the relevant service area to agree a contract and discuss fees.

In all cases, public liability insurance of at least £10million is required and your certificate should be sent with the application.

Apply for filming permission 


If you need to film on a street (public highway), you will need to apply to Surrey County Council for a filming licence

Permission is required even if you wish to film on 'public' land as the location might be in use by another organisation. 

Runnymede Borough Council does not own all open space within the Borough, the National Trust and the Wentworth Estate for example are also significant landowners. We can only give permission for land we own.