Housing policies

Below you will find list of policies that the Council uses that guide how we work and the services we provide.

Communal lounge policy (PDF)

  • Using the communal lounges in our Independent Retirement Living schemes.

PDF Compensation policy

  • How we will compensate customers who have experienced loss, damage or inconvenience. 

PDF Complaints policy - This policy is currently under review.

  • How we handle complaints, including timescales.

PDF Disabled Adaptation policy

  • When we can make changes to tenant's home to support their physical needs,

PDF Housing Allocation policy

  • Who is eligible, who qualifies and who has priority on the social housing register,

PDF Mobility Scooter policy

  • How we give permission to tenants and how they must store and safely maintain their mobility scooter.

PDF Pet policy

  • When we will allow pets and what we expect of tenants who are pet owners,

PDF Recharge policy

  • When we will recharge for costs that are the tenant's responsibility.

PDF Repairs policy

  • What the Council will repair, and what the tenant is responsible for.