Free access

How do I apply?

When completing the application you will need to attach proof of eligibly from your national governing body of sport. For example a formal document such as a letter on headed paper from the national governing body, confirmation from an official email address including a signature or a link to a registered document with the national governing body branding.

Apply for free sports access

Terms and conditions

  • must be an athlete of county standard or above in their sport and provide a supporting letter from an official of their national governing body
  • must be a resident of Runnymede
  • must produce a valid card on every visit to the facility
  • will be restricted to the use of facilities that complement the sport they represent. These facilities will be listed with their membership details
  • can only use facilities if they are available and if such use does not prevent the use by a paying customer
  • cannot book free use of facilities in advance

Conditions regarding leisure centres

  • unrestricted gym access
  • scheme users must pay the full fees for any use of any other facilities
  • if the fitness suite at these facilities is to be used then scheme users must complete and pay for an induction
  • if the scheme user is under 16, they can only use the fitness suite if accompanied by a fee paying adult or through a junior programme
  • training partners, coaches, parents or guardians are not granted free access unless negotiated with individual centres

All applications will be verified before a card is issued. The authority reserves the right to terminate membership should any breach of the scheme conditions occur, or should reasonable grounds be given by the facility manager. The authority reserves the right to alter the conditions of use at any time.

If you need any further assistance please contact the Runnymede community development team 


Call: 01932 425677.