Animal activities licensing

Fee information

The fee payable on application is a combined application and grant fee.

The Application portion of the fee covers all costs associated with determining the licence application and includes all administration and inspection fees. This portion is non-refundable should we refuse your application.

The Grant portion of the fee includes recoverable, reasonably expected, enforcement cost, including training and an interim compliance visit during the licence period. This portion (£164) is refundable should we refuse your application.

Where a veterinary inspection is required (as indicated in the above table and, exceptionally, reactively with cause for any licence application visit) this is payable in addition to the application fee.

New dog breeding applications currently benefit from a fixed-fee veterinary inspection, price on application, payable before inspection takes place. Hiring horses and any other veterinary inspection is invoiced after the visit to recover the costs incurred by the Council.

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