Fair debt recovery policy

The Council has a legal duty to recover all money that it is owed. We have a responsibility to collect all such sums as efficiently as possible and to take early action against those who fail to pay.

The Council has a policy in place that is designed to ensure that all debt recovery actions taken are timely, effective and sustainable. This policy is intended to support the Council's aim to be efficient and effective by reinforcing our strategy to provide excellent customer service, manage resources effectively, engage with the community and maintain good corporate governance.

The policy should:

  • identify deliberate non-payers or people who delay payment
  • enable people who fall into arrears to come to payment arrangements appropriate to their circumstances
  • make sure that when we have taken enforcement action, it is appropriate, proportionate and likely to be effective
  • make sure that by being approachable, people will be more willing to make contact when they first face difficulties
  • help us to reduce the effect of debt on people with low income
  • help us to maintain income
  • reduce complaints