Debt recovery team

The Debt Recovery Team makes sure that money that is owed to the Council is paid, by issuing invoices. Invoices are issued for both private and commercial debts. They include regular invoices and one-off invoices.

Examples of regular invoices include

  • Community Care Alarm service
  • Allotment plot rental fees
  • Trade refuse collections for commercial properties
  • Lottery licence fees
  • Alcohol, gambling and other licence fees
  • Rent and lease for commercial properties
  • Green waste collection fees
  • Community meals service
  • Water charges for Runnymede owned properties
  • Service charges and insurance for shared ownership properties
  • Contract parking charges

These can be issued monthly, quarterly or annually.

Examples of one-off invoices include

  • Housing Benefit overpayments
  • Building Control inspection fees
  • Environmental charges for pest control
  • Stray dog fees
  • Drainage clearance
  • Chargeable works done on council owned properties
  • Former tenant rent arrears
  • Repayment of housing rental deposits

The invoice is payable immediately unless stated otherwise.

If the invoice remains unpaid after a final reminder has been sent recovery action will be taken.

Set up Direct Debit payments for sundry invoices