StreetSafe is a service for anyone to anonymously tell the police about public places where they have felt or feel unsafe, because of environmental issues like street lighting, abandoned buildings, vandalism or because of being followed or verbally abused.

What is StreetSafe?

As part of the government’s strategy to tackle violence against women and girls, the Home Office has developed a new online tool called StreetSafe on This will enable people, particularly women and girls, to pin-point locations where they feel or have felt unsafe and to identify the features that made them feel unsafe. 

StreetSafe is not a means for crime reporting to the police. Users will be directed to the right channels and guidance, including online crime reporting services, 101 and 999, should they need to report an incident.

What data is captured and how will it be used?

The data collected will be anonymous and will focus on specific locations and factors that lead to people feeling unsafe and/or might help offenders either commit or conceal a crime – such as poorly lit or secluded spaces. 

The data is intended to enhance and enrich the understanding of local communities’ concerns about our neighbourhoods. Users will not be asked any questions about their identity but there will be optional questions related to crime reporting and protected characteristics, such as age, sex and ethnicity.

In Runnymede we are covered 24/7 by a network of security cameras monitored by the Council’s Safer Runnymede service. You can report antisocial behaviour online

StreetSafe responses specific to Runnymede are shared with the local Police team and brought to the Joint Action Group (JAG) multiagency meetings for action to taken.

Remember, if a crime is in progress or someone is in danger of being harmed, call 999.