Safer Runnymede

Deployable CCTV in Runnymede

Through its CCTV operation Safer Runnymede, the Council is able to deploy a CCTV camera to almost any location in the borough on a temporary basis.

The camera is linked into the network of more than 350 cameras monitored 24 hours a day by the Safer Runnymede Team based at the Civic Centre in Addlestone. This allows the deployable camera to be integrated in to the full capabilities of the control centre when used to tackle issues such as frequent anti-social behaviour in locations not usually covered by CCTV.

The technology

The camera is attached to a lamppost and uses the 4G network to broadcast high quality CCTV images from the location back to the control centre at the Civic Centre. The camera and related equipment uses the latest developments to ensure it can withstand vandalism and being tampered with.

Camera location and legal checks

The camera is currently deployed in a residential area in the western part of the borough. The location was selected after a meeting of the Joint Action Group (JAG) - a multi-agency group tasked with working together to tackle location based crime and anti-social behaviour in the borough.

Ahead of deploying the camera, the Council consulted with residents in the nearby surrounding area. A Privacy Impact Assessment was also carried out at the site before the camera was installed. This two stage process will be followed each time the camera is relocated.

Future use

Deployment of the camera is made after an assessment of a wide variety of information. In tackling incidents of anti-social behaviour, a decision would be made using reports of previous incidents. The easiest way to report anti-social behaviour is using the online form

Report antisocial behaviour