Public Space Protection Order Englefield Green

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) came into force in Englefield Green on 4 June 2018 and a further 3 year extension has been granted meaning the PSPO will be in force until June 2024. Please note that the revised 2021 order also includes an expanded coverage area.

Repeated reports of antisocial behaviour in Englefield Green led to the Council's belief that this is detrimental to the quality of life of the local community.

As part of the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, a PSPO allows local authorities to deal with nuisances or problems in a defined area considered to be detrimental to a community's quality of life.

The PSPO enables Runnymede Borough Council to impose restrictions in a particular area with the aim of stopping individuals, or groups, committing antisocial behaviour in public spaces.

The PSPO will be in place for a period of three years from the commencement date.