Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) represents the largest group of volunteer organisations in the UK with 155,000 schemes covering 10million people. In Surrey there are over 3,000 schemes usually based on a street or residential area.

The main aims of the NHW is to reduce crime and disorder and the fear of crime, to improve the quality of life, making communities safer places to live.

Supported by police and the local authority, they help deter crime and antisocial behaviour within communities. It can offer its members the confidence and power to work with police and local authorities to tackle local issues and generate a sense of community spirit.

This provides the following key benefits to members of a NHW scheme

  • reduction in crime, the opportunities for crime and the fear of crime
  • encourages closer communities where neighbours look out for one another
  • offers reassurance and support, especially for the vulnerable
  • improved awareness to crime prevention measures
  • improved information on local crime and crime patterns
  • opportunity for home insurance discounts

Why not become involved with the NHW movement? NHW members are genuinely interested in the community in which they live and, with support of like-minded residents, have the ability to make a difference.

Find out more by calling the Runnymede Neighbourhood Watch or email your contact details


Call: 01483 639937