Public health funerals

List of public health funerals

You can view funerals undertaken by Runnymede Borough Council from 1 February 2011. This will be updated each time a case has been dealt with. All funerals are cremation unless otherwise stated.

Name Date of birth Date of death Place of death Next of kin
Alan Frank Cross 11/1/1947 15/3/2021 Egham N
Brenda May Finch 01/12/1940 17/01/2021 New Haw Y
Ernest John Poole 14/06/1940 10/12/2020 Staines Upon Thames Y
Walter Edward Higgs 30/07/1944 28/7/2020 Addlestone N
Josephine Ellen Beagley 24/12/1935 15/6/2020 Addlestone Y
Janet Culver 03/06/1945 1/4/2020 Addlestone Y
Robert Albert Wells 13/01/1945 19/3/2020 Englefield Green Y
Kathleen Bond 06/01/1930 17/01/2020 Chertsey Y
Sarah West 11/05/1971 16/06/2019 Englefield Green Y
Rosemary Ann Vines nee Bold 12/10/1943 03/05/2019 Virginia Water Y
Michael Dunn 08/11/194 14/04/2019 Chertsey Y
Roger Frank Stanborough 12/10/1941 26/04/2019 Addlestone N
Mathias Michael Erwin Schmidt 02/06/1960 3/3/2019 Chertsey Y
William Stephen Gold 18/2/1921 04/04/2018 Virginia Water N
Douglas Edward 30/4/1934 21/10/2017 Chertsey Y
William Cork Horne 20/10/1953 10/7/2017 Chertsey Y
Walter James Hotchkiss 04/02/1940 14/06/2017 Chertsey N
Sydney Smith 11/09/1942 14/02/2017 Egham N
Brian Gilmore 16/09/1936 23/01/2017 Chertsey N
Stefania Slomka 01/09/1930 11/08/2016 Egham Y
Steven Trevor Payne 08/04/1959 31/05/2016 New Haw N
Thomas Francis Davis 17/07/1934 21/09/2015 Englefield Green N
Norman Hall 01/01/1933 29/12/2014 Addlestone Y
David Nicolas Gregory 17/12/58 6/ 10/2013 Chertsey Y
George Millen 1/9/1938 29/05/2013 New Haw Y
Margaret Berrett Unknown 31/08/2012 Addlestone Y
John Price 04/11/1919 24/02/2012 Addlestone Y
John Dowling 26/05/1954 01/03/2011 Addlestone N
Mabel Carter Nee Bedwell 14/12/1913 16/02/2011 Rowtown Y
Peter Lawson 08/09/1942 26/02/2011 Chertsey N
Graham Morley 14/07/1946 23/02/2010 Virginia Water N
Diana Hammond Unknown 28/10/2009 Addlestone N

Section 31 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Law Enforcement (prevention and detection of crime). Revealing details of the assets of an estate before the Treasury Solicitor has undertaken their own enquiries would provide an opportunity for criminal acts to be committed (for example, theft or fraud).

Similarly, there would be concerns about making the last known address of the deceased public, as the property is likely to be unoccupied and might still contain the deceased’s personal papers and effects. There is also a continuing risk after the estate has been secured of, for example, identity theft.

Taking into account the above issues, the council considers that there is no over-riding public interest in releasing the information requested. Any public interest would be best served by upholding the exemption under Section 31 of the Act as disclosure of the information would be likely to prejudice the prevention of crime by enabling