Cemetery fees and charges

All charges are exempt of VAT, unless otherwise stated.

All fees must be paid in advance to the Cemeteries manager.

For the purpose of the Cemetery Fees

  • a resident of the Borough of Runnymede is defined as living within the Borough
  • or a former resident who left the Borough within two years prior to the date of death
  • or who left the Borough of Runnymede to live in a residential nursing home within three years prior to the date of death


When the deceased is a resident, and the purchase at the time of the interment, is a non-resident, then the normal fees will apply for both purchase and interment.

Subsequent use of the grave for a non-resident will attract the non-resident fee.

Where the deceased is a child under the age of 18, fees will be charged at 50% and where appropriate claimed under the Children's Funeral Fund for England.