Bird flu

Bird flu in Runnymede


The UK is currently experiencing an outbreak of Bird flu (avian influenza) with many cases in both captive and wild bird populations.

Truss's Island

Sadly we received reports of dead swans at Truss's Island and on the River Thames.

The deaths appear to have stopped so the public can go in and feed the swans but remember bird flu is still risk. 

Bird flu is easily transmitted. Food should be thrown into the water rather than onto hard standing surfaces such as the car park. Also Swans can damage their bills eating from hard surfaces. Feeding in the car park also encourages swans to venture onto the road or block the road increasing the risk of serious accident.

Members of the public should call the Defra helpline if they find

  • one or more dead bird of prey 
  • three or more dead gulls or wild waterfowl - swans, geese and ducks
  • five or more dead birds of any species

Tel: 03459 33 55 77 

Dead birds in our parks and on council land can be reported by using the online form below

Report dead birds

More information can be found on the government website

Bird flu

Dead birds in our parks and open spaces can be reported by using the online form

Report a dead bird
Swan on the water