Runnymede Council Residents’ Association

Runnymede Council Residents' Association logoThe Runnymede Council Residents’ Association is a local group made up of local resident who represent the interests of every tenant living in Runnymede.

A collective voice is a powerful voice. Being united with other people who share your experience as a Runnymede Borough Council tenant means that you have the opportunity to influence and shape the quality of the services your local community receive and improve residents’ quality of life.

Together we can

  • have a say on the services provided by RBC such as cleaning and repairs
  • develop the environment and community, for example social activities or safe play areas
  • identify areas that need the council’s attention, for example improved lighting

Any tenants or leaseholder of Runnymede Council is welcome to be a member of the RCRA. To join simply email Jenny Hill on or call on 01932 568405 or 07811863565

If you do not want to join but would still like to keep up to date with tenant news and information, follow us on social media