Parking suspensions and waivers

In some circumstances we may allow you to park in a place that is normally restricted by offering the suspension of a parking bay or by the issue of a waiver certificate.


A suspension is where the restriction (Traffic Regulation Order or TRO) allowing or disallowing an act to take place is suspended for a set time period. These are normally only issued in parking bays.

Waiver certificates

A waiver certificate is where a vehicle or vehicles' (registration(s) are given a dispensation to park within an existing TRO restriction for an agreed amount of time.


Special circumstances could include

  • maintaining public or traffic safety
  • essential building or maintenance works (some exemptions already apply in these circumstances)
  • furniture removals (some exemptions already apply in these circumstances)
  • filming
  • special events
  • weddings or funerals (some exemptions already apply in these circumstances).

Before granting a suspension or waiver certificate we will consider whether the request is genuine, justified, safe and will not have a disruptive effect on the local amenity.


To apply for a suspension or waiver certificate email:

Granting of either a suspension or waiver certificate is entirely at the Council's discretion. Only in very exceptional circumstances will a waiver be issued to permit parking on a yellow line. We generally require ten days to process applications.

Get in touch about parking

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