Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning gives communities the opportunity to play a stronger role in planning for the neighbourhood where they live and work.

Neighbourhood Planning in Runnymede

At the current time Runnymede has four established Neighbourhood Forums; Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum, Virginia Water Neighbourhood Forum, Englefield Green Neighbourhood Forum and Englefield Green Neighbourhood Forum and Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum. Each forum is working to produce their Neighbourhood Plans. More information can be found on the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan Update page, the Virginia Water Neighbourhood Plan page, the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan page and the Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan.

Help and Support

If you are interested in neighbourhood planning and require further information or assistance please contact the Planning Policy and Strategy team by email at or by phone on 01932 838383.

We want to hear from local individuals and businesses for comments on the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan.
Virginia Water Neighbourhood Plan
Englefield Green Village Neighbourhood Plan