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Runnymede 2035 Local Plan Consultation Page

Welcome to the Runnymede Local Plan Consultation page.

Runnymede Local Plan 2035: Additional Sites and Options (ASO) Consultation

The Council is responsible for looking forward and setting the level of housing and employment provision that is needed in Runnymede up to the year 2035, as well as for devising a strategy which protects communities from flood risk and which safeguards valued landscapes. This task is an important one that has the potential to affect the lives of residents, visitors and workers in the Borough, both now and in the future.

The Council carried out its first consultation on the Local Plan in summer 2016. This was known as the Issues, Options and Preferred Approaches (IOPA) consultation. In light of the representations made during this consultation and following the collation of additional evidence, a further round of public consultation took place to give interested persons the opportunity to comment on the proposed amendments to the Council's strategy.

Thepdf icon Additional Sites and Options Consultation Document [9Mb] (together with supporting Evidence Base Documents ) was the subject of formal public consultation between Friday 12 May and Friday 23 June 2017. Thank you to all interested parties who made representations.A total of 1019 representations were received by the Council.

During the consultation period the Council undertook various consultation events throughout the Borough. These events have been summarised in the ASO Consultation Summary of Methods document. This document will be published in due course.

The Council has now published the representations received during the consultation below.

pdf icon Representations 0-200 [5Mb]pdf icon Representations 201-500 [8Mb]pdf icon Representations 501-596 [8Mb]pdf icon Representations 597-607 [4Mb]
pdf icon Representations 609-649 [2Mb]pdf icon Representations 651-675 [20Mb]pdf icon Representation 692 [27Mb]pdf icon Representation 696 [10Mb]
pdf icon Representations 697-715 [1Mb]pdf icon Representations 717-719 [236kb]pdf icon Representation 720 [1Mb]pdf icon Representations 730-742 [574kb]
pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 1) [4Mb]pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 2) [7Mb]pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 3) [8Mb]pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 4) [5Mb]
pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 5) [6Mb]pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 6) [9Mb]pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 7) [7Mb]pdf icon Representation 744 (Part 8) [6Mb]
pdf icon Representations 745-759 [2Mb]pdf icon Representations 765-799 [2Mb]pdf icon Representations 800-850 [5Mb]pdf icon Representations 851-899 [760kb]
pdf icon Representations 900-950 [1Mb]pdf icon Representations 951-999 [803kb]pdf icon Representations 1000-1050 [2Mb]pdf icon Representations 1051-1099 [2Mb]
pdf icon Representations 1100-1150 [5Mb]pdf icon Representations 1151-1199 [3Mb]pdf icon Representations 1200-1250 [8Mb]pdf icon Representation 1251-1299 [6Mb]
pdf icon Representation 1300-1350 [8Mb]pdf icon Representation 1351-1399 [589kb]pdf icon Representation 1400-1450 [1Mb]pdf icon Representation 1451-1475 [4Mb]
pdf icon Representation 1476 [104kb]pdf icon Representation 1477 [576kb]pdf icon Representation 1478 [2Mb]pdf icon Representation 1479-1484 [2Mb]
pdf icon Representation 1485 [4Mb]pdf icon Representations 1486-1499 [15Mb]pdf icon Representations 1500-1504 [4Mb]pdf icon Representation 1505 [493kb]
pdf icon Representation 1506 [854kb]pdf icon Representation 1507 [2Mb]pdf icon Representation 1508 [16Mb]pdf icon Representation 1509 [8Mb]
pdf icon Representation 1510 [14Mb]pdf icon Representation 1511-1531 [1Mb]pdf icon Representation 1532 [218kb]pdf icon Representation 1533 [80kb]
pdf icon Representation 1534 [13Mb]pdf icon Representations 1535-1538 [11Mb]  

The Council has produced a document confirming the name of the person who submitted each representation. This can be viewed below:

pdf icon List of representors [868kb]

Additionally, the Council is currently producing a document that summarises the representations made and provides officer responses. This will be published in due course.

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