Difficulty paying your rent

If your income has changed and you are struggling to pay your rent, you may be eligible to claim Universal Credit, Council Tax Support, or Housing Benefit to help with housing costs.

Universal Credit is paid one month in arrears, in a similar pattern to most jobs in the UK, for more information please visit the UK Government's Universal Credit website. If you get a housing costs element paid to you as part of your Universal Credit claim, you must use this to pay your rent and if you don't get full housing costs you will also need to top up payment towards your rent from your remaining income. If you get no housing costs paid this may be because your income is too high and you will be expected to pay rent from your other income streams.

Universal Credit payments are paid in arrears and there is a waiting period at the start of your claim. We can assist you with money and budgeting advice but you can also use online tools to help you budget and manage Universal Credit payments, such as The Money Advice Service

If you are worried about how you will manage in the initial waiting period for Universal Credit, you can apply for an advance which will help you to buy essential items, such as food, and pay your rent. The advance must be repaid. Talk to your work coach or Universal Credit service centre about getting an advance payment.