Council Tax support scheme proposals

Have your say on our proposed changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme.

If you are a Runnymede resident liable to pay council tax (or who may become liable to pay council tax), we are consulting on proposals to change the current Council Tax Support Scheme (CTS).


The  Council Tax Support scheme (CTS) helps people who have a low income, to pay their council tax. We are asking for residents’ views on a new Council Tax support scheme.

The proposed changes to the scheme will affect only working-age residents. Pensioners are protected under separate legislation, and are not affected by our current scheme, or the proposed changes that are the subject of this consultation.

The proposed changes would take effect from 1 April 2023 and have been developed to deliver a fair, affordable scheme that can keep pace with the roll out of Universal Credit.

We are not doing this to reduce the amount of Council Tax Support people get. We want to make it simpler to claim and easier to administer. Although, some people will get more Council Tax Support, others may get less than they would have done before, we expect the overall cost to the council to be slightly higher than now.

The council is required to consult on its proposals. If the scheme proposals are agreed, the council is required to have the new scheme in place by 11 March 2022 to start on 1 April 2023. If the proposals are not agreed, the current CTS remains the same.

Runnymede Borough Council spends around £4.1m on Council Tax Support.

Financial year CTS expenditure (£) Pensioner caseload Working age caseload
2020-21 4,017,345 1,471 1,799
2021-22 4,060,775 1,471 1,721
2022-23 4,088,786 1,437 1,631

We currently have four groups

  • Pensioners
  • Working Age Vulnerable
  • Working Age Employed
  • Working Age Other

Working Age Vulnerable are those entitled to a severe or enhanced Disability premium or a child disability premium.