How the council are supporting our climate

The Council has taken a number of practical steps to support the climate over the years, and as our overarching climate and sustainability strategy comes together, we will be able to do more. 

We have already started to change the way we work and make decisions. 

In July 2019, at a Full Council meeting, members agreed that the Council must commit to environmental impact assessments being undertaken and included in reports when any decision was made, funding agreed or actions taken.

This was to ensure the Council could be held to account if such impact was not treated with the importance it deserves and requires.

At that meeting, councillors agreed to send the matter to the Environment and Sustainability Committee and, if appropriate, the Corporate Management Committee for further consideration.

In November 2019, the Environment and Sustainability Committee agreed that all reports which required a decision by councillors should include a mandatory section considering the environmental and sustainability/biodiversity implications of the subject of the reports. 

Reports to all of the Council's committees should now take this approach.

Get in touch about climate change

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