Conservation Area Reviews 2018/19

The Council has been awarded design quality grant funding from the government. The Council has utilised some of this funding to appoint consultants Purcell to undertake a review of some of the borough's conservation areas and also to review the Council's locally listed buildings. Please continue to visit this webpage for updates.

Conservation Area Appraisals


The Council's consultants have now produced a draft Conservation Area appraisal for Egham Town Centre, which proposes that some areas are removed from the Conservation Area and some areas are added in to the Conservation Area. The consultants also make recommendations for the continued protection and enhancement of the Conservation Area, which are summarised here: Icon for pdf Egham Consultation Leaflet November 2018 [4.73MB]. The draft appraisal can be viewed here:Icon for pdf Egham Conservation Area Appraisal Consultation Draft November 2018 [8.89MB] and a hard copy is also located in the Civic Centre reception area. A consultation on the draft Conservation Area is now taking place from Thursday 8th November 2018 until Wednesday 2 January 2019, 5pm.


If you have any comments on the document, you can complete the questionnaire: Icon for worddocuments Heritage Questionnaire [17.53KB] and send to or mail to Planning Policy & Strategy team, Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH.


During this time, an open event will be taking place on Tuesday 4 December at 19/21 Station Road North, Egham between 2-8pm so you can speak with our consultants about the work they have undertaken.


Conservation Area Appraisals


The Council's appointed consultant is interested in gathering material held by local groups and the community, to inform their work in reviewing the conservation areas and producing up-to-date appraisals for each conservation area. This includes historic information and thoughts on issues or risks to the special character of the specific conservation areas.


The first conservation area being reviewed is Egham town centre followed by Chertsey and Egham Hythe. Once information has been collated and site visits undertaken, the consultants will produce a draft conservation area appraisal. We will be inviting the community to review and comment on the draft appraisals. A consultation event will be held by the consultants in the relevant conservation areas. Individuals will be welcome to attend to give thoughts and feedback on the draft conservation area work. Please visit this web page for updates. The draft appraisal will also be available on this webpage during the consultation period.


If you have any relevant information to feed in to the conservation areas, you can send this to, which will then be forwarded to the consultants. You should put in the subject heading the conservation area your comments relate to. The deadline for receiving material is 14 September 2018 for Egham town centre and 7 December 2018 for Chertsey and Egham Hythe.


It is envisaged the remaining conservation areas will be reviewed in 2019. If you have information relating to the remaining four conservation areas (Basingstoke Canal, Englefield Green, Thorpe and Wey Navigation), you can send this now and the information will be retained until the work on these conservation areas begins.


Local list

Purcell will be reviewing the existing local list across the whole borough. The existing list, which includes both national and locally listed buildings can be found Icon for pdf here [690.39KB]. The consultants are also inviting new nominations for the inclusion on the local list. If you know of any buildings/structures that are worthy of consideration, please complete the Icon for worddocuments form [24.71KB] , providing the relevant supporting material, and send it to


Nominations need to be received by 30 November 2018 to be considered for inclusion on the local list.


The criteria for locally listed buildings

Heritage assets must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for local listing:

1. They must be a building or built structure.

2. They must have heritage interest that can be conserved and enjoyed. There are two main types of heritage interest - historic interest and architectural interest.

3. The heritage interest they possess must be of value to the local community i.e. beyond personal or family connections, or the interest of individual property owners.

4. They must have a level of interest and value that is greater than the general surrounding area.


The nomination form asks that you demonstrate how your nominated building or structure meets the above criteria for inclusion on the local list.


Please note if explanation, evidence or justification is not included, the nomination may not be considered.


Registration does not mean an asset will be preserved in its current state in perpetuity. National and local planning policy allows change to heritage assets that preserves or better reveals their heritage interest or, where change requires their loss, replaces the benefit to the public they provide. The information provided in support of your nomination will help determine what forms of change might be acceptable in the future.


Purcell held a launch event with local groups to introduce the work to be undertaken. The slides from the session can be found Icon for powerpoint here [5.44MB].


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