Street parties

Road closure for a street party

Road closures for street parties have to be arranged formally as we have to consult Surrey County Council, which is the Highway Authority, if you want to close a road or part of a road for a street party. If they give their approval, we have to make a formal road closure order.

Holding a street party on a 'through road' is more problematic than a cul-de-sac as alternative routes for traffic may need to be found in some cases. If a closure is requested for a through road, it may not be possible for Surrey County Council (which is the Highway Authority for this area) to give their approval. You will also need to think about how you warn people in advance and the location and nature of any warning signs that you will need to display.

Factors such as the extent of disruption in the area, whether suitable alternative routes can be found and whether there are any planned street works will all need to be taken into account before a road closure order can be made.

We will not charge you a fee for a road closure for a street party. We recommend that you take out £5 million public liability insurance but we do not require you to do so. Further information on where you can obtain public liability insurance can be found on the Street Party website.

The Government has prepared guidance to help organisers apply for a road closure.  You can download a copy from this page.

Please complete and submit the application form. John Gurmin will liaise with the Highway Authority and advise you as soon possible whether the requested road closure order can be made.

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