Defibrillators in Runnymede

There are 13 public access Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in the Borough.

Their locations are listed and then mapped below

  • The Orchard Day Centre, Chertsey
  • The Hythe Centre, Staines
  • Woodham and New Haw Day Centre, Addlestone
  • The Chertsey Hall, Chertsey
  • Surrey Towers, Addlestone
  • Eileen Tozer Day Centre, Addlestone
  • Thorpe Village Hall, Thorpe
  • Royal British Legion Community Hub, Englefield Green
  • Manor Farm Day Centre, Egham
  • Victory Park, Addlestone (toilet block wall)
  • Chertsey Recreation Grounds, Chertsey (park keepers office wall)
  • Heathervale Recreation Grounds, New Haw (park keepers office wall)
  • Ottershaw Memorial Fields, Chertsey (toilet block wall).

In case of an emergency dial 999 and follow the instructions provided.