Draft Climate Change Action Plan consultation

The public consultation on the draft Climate Change Action Plan has now closed. Officers are analysing responses.

The Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) provides a framework for everyone to take action to reduce emissions and adapt to the climate change that is already occurring, driven by the vision, objectives and targets set out in the Council’s Climate Change Strategy. The Strategy describes how we will work towards reducing carbon emissions from Council operations to ‘net zero’ by 2030, and work with our local communities and other stakeholders to achieve net zero across the wider borough by 2050, in line with national targets.

We have engaged with local communities, businesses and residents over the last few months to understand some of the opportunities and barriers people face in taking action on climate change. Feedback from this early engagement has been brought together with other evidence from internal and external sources to draft the first iteration of the CCAP, which aims to address some of the barriers identified by people.

The draft CCAP identifies around 70 actions which focus on things that the Council can directly and indirectly control and influence, and actions which will help reduce borough-wide emissions. It is designed to set us in the right direction, but it will continue to be developed to keep pace with shifts across society, technology and wider policy, including the changing needs of communities, groups and organisations in Runnymede. 

Key themes in the Runnymede Climate Change Action Plan

The CCAP identifies short, medium and longer-term actions that we can work towards delivering by 2030 and beyond. All of the actions are organised into eight themes

  • Greener Homes & Buildings - actions to reduce emissions and increase resilience of Runnymede’s building stock, covering both privately owned and Council owned homes and buildings
  • Energy Generation & Storage - actions to reduce emissions from and increase the resilience of the energy sector in Runnymede – includes steps to transition the Council’s energy to green and clean sources
  • Active & Sustainable Travel - actions to reduce emissions from the transport network, improving air quality and helping residents live active and healthy lifestyles
  • Natural Environment & Biodiversity - actions to improve the quality, carbon storage potential and resilience of Runnymede’s natural environment, and maximise the potential for biodiversity in our green spaces
  • Reducing Borough-wide Waste - actions to reduce waste and use resources efficiently, working towards a ‘circular economy’
  • Green Economy - actions which help ensure Runnymede’s future economic growth is resilient and green
  • Sustainable Council - actions which reduce carbon emissions through all Council business, such as procurement, fleet and employee travel
  • Supporting our Communities - actions which haven’t already been identified in preceding themes which focus on communications, engagement and sharing information with our local communities to help reduce emissions across the wider borough

The CCAP will be reviewed and updated over time as new information becomes available - we recognise we do not have all the solutions yet.

Get in touch about climate change

The quickest way to contact us is by using our online forms which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to speak to us give us a call during office hours and talk to our Customer Services team who will be happy to help.