Fines for littering or dog fouling

We have enforcement officers on the streets and in parks fining people who drop litter or who don't clean up after their dogs.

Fines of £75 can be handed out to anyone caught littering while irresponsible dog walkers who haven't cleared up dog mess face fixed penalty notices of £100.

Paying a fixed penalty notice

Anyone issued with a fixed penalty notice has 14 days to pay. Non payment could result in court action. The ticket includes of details of how to pay. The easiest way to pay is  online. It is an offence not to clear up immediately after your dog has fouled. Dog waste should be bagged and placed in dog waste bins. If there isn't a dog waste bin nearby, you can place dog waste in a litter bin as long as it's bagged, or take it home with you and place in your rubbish bin.



In January 2018 25 people were prosecuted for not paying a £75 littering fixed penalty notice. Twenty-three were handed fines and costs of £230 each, of the other two, one was fined £115, the other £255 (involved spitting). Cases of non-payment continue to be reported for prosecution.

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